2019 Chip Seal for the Cities of Coeur d'Alene, Hayden, and Dalton Gardens

Chip seal on selected roadways in each of the jurisdictions. Coeur d'Alene: 3/8-inch over 2-inch chip seal on Hanley Ave from Ramsey Road to Courcelles Parkway, Seltice Way from the new pavement to Northwest Boulevard, and 15th Street from Best Ave to Dalton Ave. 3/8-inch chip seal on 12th Street and Elderberry Circle, Dalton Ave from Stafford Road to St. Michelle Drive, and Courcelles Parkway from St. Michelle to Hanley Ave. Hayden: 3/8-inch chip seal on Atlas Rd from Hayden Ave to Citation Ave, Valley Way from Hayden Ave to Dakota Ave, Meadow Way from Hayden Ave to Dakota Ave, Reed Rd from Honeysuckle Ave to Hayden Ave, and full length on Placer Ct, and Dee Ct. 3/8-inch chip over 1/2-inch chip on Dakota Ave from Atlas Rd to Ramsey Rd and Reed Rd to US 95, Hayden Ave from Government Way to Pine Valley Ct. Dalton Gardens: 3/8-inch chip seal on 15th Street from Dalton Ave to Deerhaven Ave, and Wilbur Ave between Government Way and 1st Street. Work also includes traffic control, sweeping, and fog seal. Alternate #1 calls for basalt chips, while Alternate #2 calls for granite chips.
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